Increase Your Energy Savings with Garage Door Insulation

An insulated garage door with proper weather stripping can make your home energy efficient. This article will help you to learn how your garage door can help you to reduce your utility bills. Click here to find how garage door specialists will help you to make your house energy efficient.

The problem: Normally you could work harder to eliminate the energy bills. Even insulated windows, upgraded heating, and cooling systems will not play a special role in reduction of utility bills. Don’t forget that you have the largest area in your home that is the garage. This space has an important impact on the thermal comfort of your house.

Garage door material and insulation values: Garage doors are constructed with various materials such as steel, wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. Each type of material has different insulation values. Higher R-value means better resistance and thermal efficiency. It is common that insulated garage doors have metal skin over rigid core which is constructed by either polyurethane or polystyrene. It is also important to learn that polyurethane offers a double R-value than polystyrene. High-quality garage doors have better insulation core. Garage door prices vary on style and performance. If you cannot afford a new garage door, consider buying an insulation kit for outfitting your existing garage door.

Benefits of garage door insulation: Energy saving is an obvious advantage. As utility bills continue to increase, a new garage door will start to pay for itself in saving later. Well, there are several benefits of installing an insulated garage door. Due to the increased temperature efficiency of the garage doors, your home will be kept warmer in the winter and cooler during summer. It makes your space comfortable to be used as a workshop or creative room. In addition to this proper insulation will make your garage soundproof.  A thermal-efficient garage means a moderate temperature inside your car. It will reduce the amount of time and energy efficiency required to cool down or warm up your vehicle. It also decreases the level of discomfort due to temperature changes between your home and garage. Adding weather sealing is also important to prevent rain and snow from seeping into the garage. If you have an attached garage then an insulated garage door with proper weatherstripping will be the right decision.

Taking help of garage door specialist: When it concerns reducing the energy bills, the installation of a new garage door with insulation value and weather sealing system makes all the difference. The garage door must be properly sealed from all sides to avoid leaks which would create unwanted temperature.