Knowing How to Fix Your Garage Door and When to Call In a Professional

Homeowners prefer to attempt DIY home improvement projects to fix things around them rather than paying high labor costs of having professional services.

Definitely, some tasks do need the help of professionals. Garage door repair is one of these critical repairing jobs, where you can tackle most of the problems on your own. The challenge comes in understanding how to diagnose the issues, determining what you can do for them, and evaluating when to call professional assistance. You will discover that there are many strategies which will help you to keep your garage door in top working condition without spending a lot of money. Click here to get more information about garage door services.

The overhead garage door itself moves up and down on a metal track using the support of torsion springs. Therefore, the easiest preventive maintenance routine you can perform is to inspect and clean the tracks periodically. You will have to find out the dry, dented, rusted, or damaged parts of the garage door.

It is good to clean and lubricate tracks and other parts periodically in order to keep them running smoothly. If you found dents and dings on the tracks, they can be straightened with the help of a rubber hammer. In case, tracks have more damages or they become rusted, they should be replaced immediately. In addition to this, you need to inspect all the screws, nuts, or bolts within the metal mounting brackets that hold the tracks in place. If the mounting brackets become loose, they should tighten them.

Conduct a quick assessment of your garage door. Examine it carefully to determine, is it hanging straight or does it go out of plumb? You will have to check the tracks and hinges properly to make sure that they are completely aligned and functioning properly. Tighten the screws to align the tracks. If tightening the screws does not work to balance the hinges, it normally indicates that the screw hole has got enlarged, and you may need to replace the larger screw. In case, the wood which is attached to the hinges has been worn out, then wood filler will not provide you the solid surface, you should replace it. Try it to fix on your own, but if your DIY techniques do not work, then it is the best time to call an expert garage door technician.

Garage door torsion springs that are responsible to lift or lower the garage door can be dangerous due to the extreme pressure imposed of them. If your garage door has one spring mounted above the opening of the garage door, never try to handle it by yourself. Garage door springs placed on both sides of the garage door are relatively less dangerous to handle if you know what is wrong with them and what you are doing.

There are plenty of websites that offer tutorial videos on step-by-step instructions for fixing or replacing the springs. If you experience that the job is beyond your skills, call a professional garage door repair company. 

Modern garage doors are equipped with safety sensors and electric openers. Once again, you can conduct a routine inspection to make sure that everything is placed properly. If the garage door is not responding, the first thing to check is to make sure that batteries have enough power or opener is properly plugged in. you will have to replace the batteries to make it work. If the DIY tricks will not work, replace the garage door opener with the help of a professional and reputed garage door repair company.