Reasons to Get an Automatic Garage Door

Are you tired of having to get out of your car just to operate the garage door by hand? Are you fed up with having to open and close the garage door manually for someone else? If yes, here is the right solution for you. There is a need for installing a new garage door with an electric garage door opener.

An opener and motor will be attached to your garage door so that you can open and close it with only a push of remote control without leaving your car alone. It saves a bit of time, effort, and a lot of hassle for you. It can make going out and coming back home so convenient and comfortable. When choosing an automatic garage door for your home, the following factors should be kept in mind:

Drive system of an automatic garage door:

The drive system will allow you to control your garage door. It can be adjusted at the time of installation. It is connected to the main power supply switch with the battery backup in the case of a power outage. Common garage door openers include a screw drive system, a computerized controlled drive system, and a chain drive system. It is normally placed over ahead of the garage door along with a ceiling. 

Power consumption:

The latest drive system of automatic garage door needs low voltage to run. However, it is also considered that the automatic garage door mechanism needs power when it is on standby mode. Its operators have transformers which can offer considerable savings in energy. In addition to this, choose a power with enough battery backup. Try to choose the large motor with a soft start and stop as it minimizes the general wear and tear of a garage door.

Security features of garage door:

If something or someone obstructs the path of the garage door, then these safety sensors will stop the garage door immediately to prevent injuries or damages. The automatic garage door reverses when it hit something on its way to going down. These sensors are triggered by an electronic beam that can detect anything under the garage door.

Automatic Lighting system:

The newer model of automatic garage doors comes with security lights that automatically switch on when you turn on the mechanism. The duration of light is long enough to let you step out of your car and enter your house before it goes out. Some models of garage doors have switches on the remote so that you can turn the light on without operating a garage door. Above mention points will help you in the process of buying an automatic garage door.