Some Safety Concerns of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs pose many safety hazards. When springs break suddenly, they can send sharp flying pieces around garage. Anything or anyone inside the garage is at great risk of injuries. They are really dangerous to handle so they should be installed or replaced by professional garage door companies such as, Atlanta garage door spring repair service in order to avoid accidents.

Recent models of garage door springs pose little risks even in the case of garage door spring breakage. The modern torsion springs are installed over a metal shaft or steel rod that helps the garage door to be stable in an opened position. The metal shaft of the spring acts as a retainer so that the broken junks of the torsion springs will not go ballistic. On the other hand, the old versions of springs can be in different situation. These springs are subject to send ballistic pieces of steel flying around the garage. This is why; they are considered dangerous parts of the garage door.

The older models of the springs can be identified easily because the latest models of springs have metal rod that is retained throughout the springs. The core rod is a built-in safety feature that is used in the newer version of springs because the rod will retain any chunk in the case of breakage. If you are still using an old version of springs, it is best to replace them with the newer model. Garage door spring replacement can cost up to $500 depending on the quality of the springs. Another simple way to make the good old spring safe is to install garage door cable.

Close the garage door completely and measure its length. Double it and add two extra inches. Let me explain clearly, a garage door spring when extended measures 4.5 feet, the doubled length will be 9 feet and then add 2 feet extra that will make 11 feet in total. It means that you will need 11 feet of cable for each spring to make it secures. You also need some cable clamp to knot the springs. Run a cable from the center towards the backside of the spring to form a loop. Use the cable clamps to tight the ends together. Simply, now you have got a retainer to make your springs safer.

The best option is to replace the old model of spring with the new self-retaining ones. It should be done with the help of garage door experts. Adjustment to the garage door might be required because the newer model of springs have different characteristics. Garage door opener might not function well without proper adjustment. You should call professional garage door experts to replace the springs. It’s just a matter of few dollars and professional garage door technicians prevent you what could be scary accident when old garage door springs break.